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Hermitrail is a partnership based company started in Manhattan Newyork It all started way back in 2009 when a geek met an artist Alek an young programmer and ethical hacking xtraordinaire and a bicycle enthusiast met Business Masters Graduate Kiran who is a certified international artist in fine arts. Alek was curious about what his bike would look like Kiran blew him away when he worked on Alek's two bikes one road bike a British classic familiarly know n as Big Ben and also worked on Juliet from Pure fix turning it in to a mean Velo machine.

This was the dawn of a business partnership but disaster struck when Alek lost his job thanks to recession and bills mounting passion was converted in to profession which led to the beginning of Hermitrial. Once Alek got his job back he moved back to programming as it was his first love not to mention paying all his bills.Saying  "videt' vas snova" to business.

Currently Hermitrial is in India. 

Alek Boris (Brawn of the Operation)

Programmer & Hacker-in-chief and a fixie fanatic

Ukrainian by origin Cyclist by religion. Has mastered C,C++along with various aspects of Ruby on rails Not to mention UI/UX and much more in the world of programming and a huge star wars fan and Yoda.I have had a good run as a programmer now perusing excellence in the universe of cycling.

Currently living in Manhattan Back to User interface Designing programming and everything to do with Websites and how they look and how they work with a little bit of analysis and lot of programming.   

"videt' vas snova"

Good : Fixies/Like Hanoverian and Asian girls/Foodie/Budweiser/Vodka/Programming.

Bad  : like getting drunk on Fridays Saturdays and any given day Chronic addiction to fixies

Ugly : Reckless/Irresponsible/Lacks personal hygene/Limited English

Bikes owned:/Classic Smith and wessson road bike 1958/Purefix Juliet/Purefix Bravo/Not done yet still counting

Kiran Kumar .A.M (Brain of the operation)

Michelangelo & mad Scientist Commander of crazy smart art universe

Indian by origin Cyclist by religion. Has mastered communication,Business and multidisciplinary Cyclist ,Curious George when it comes to Internet and technology but if you combine his ideas you get some serious results. Knows his bikes inside-and out without any formal degree.Just after completion of his graduation vacation soon turned profession and is a fixie mechanic / store-manager.

Currently Back in India ,Working as a Manager in a firm and seeking excellence in HR and as always perusing excellence in multidisciplinary cycling universe. 

Good: Digital artWeb-designing/Manifesting ideas/Bicycle art /Execution/Road bikes/ Fixies /Full suspension bikes

Bad : Addicted to Cycling/Too many bikes owned/Too many ambitions

Ugly: kangaroo on a mountain bike has a road rage when on road bikes fixies whole lot worse

Bikes owned: GT Aggresssor2.0/Trek SL 1200/Orbea Radikal Flow/ Not done yet still counting